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Go inside the football industry like never before with Peterborough United Chairman Darragh MacAnthony in the Hard Truth Podcast.

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September 27, 2023

S4 EP7: A Week is a Long Time in Football

Do clubs actually use every stat? Peterborough United Chairman Darragh MacAnthony and Bradford City supporter…
September 20, 2023

S4 EP6: Promotion Isn’t Won in September! (For Bradford)

Do agents have responsibility for their players welfare? Peterborough United Chairman Darragh MacAnthony and Bradford…
September 7, 2023

S4 EP5: Deadline Day Chaos!

Posh 'Head of Football Operations' Liz Elsom gives the truth on transfers! Peterborough United Chairman…

Praise for the Hard Truth podcast:

A Brilliant Insightjohn lugsden

A fantastic insight in to both football and hopefully in the coming episodes on the art of running a successful business. For someone like me who loves football, loves business and loves the business of football this is a must listen

Great Podcast to Hear the Inner Workings of FootballAlex_Cole

Really enjoyable and detailed podcast. It’s great to hear Darragh speak so openly about the behind the scenes in Football, aswell as giving advice that you can relate to in any walk of life. Highly recommended

Say It As It Is !!SWFC@67

Great podcast, Darragh will divide opinions but it is so refreshing to cut through some of the BS of football and life. Passionate about his team and comes across as a very savvy businessman. Bullish, positive and always looking forward

The Thinking Mans Football Related PodcastJon Ramm

This is a great podcast giving a real life insight to the workings of a football club whilst also focussing their gaze on the outside world. Yes Darragh is the part owner of Peterborough United but his views and thoughts cover all of the footballing world. He will talk honestly about his life, successes and failures with equal candour. Subscribe now

Great Podcast!harrop02

Really interesting podcast I feel inspired listening to it. Makes me wanna start my own business. Really insightful into the goings on around the business and football world. The co host has also asked some really interesting questions

Always a Great ListenChris Banks 113

Enjoy listening to Darragh’s thoughts on football, business and life in general. Inspiring, thought provoking and makes you realise that the football club owners can be just as passionate as the fans

Very Refreshing to HearMartinWithaneye

It’s very nice to hear from a chairman who has such passion for running his club. Also the openness to share the goings on from a football club, which normally would remain behind the boardroom door. Keep up the good work!

Best Football Podcast Out ThereAmrules

For anyone who is interested in learning about how football clubs run and the amount of work behind them, this is the podcast for you. Darragh and Phil have a good dynamic and Darragh is more transparent then any football club owner out there! 100% deserves five stars!

Gripping and Honestandy in pompey

I accidentally came across this podcast and I’m so glad I did. Honest and insightful look at the way football really works. Brilliant to hear from someone on the inside willing to rubbish tabloid and twitter based opinion. Love it!